8RT 310Tractor

  • 310 hp (228 kW) rated power (ECE-R120) + 35 hp (26 kW) IPM
  • 9.0 l engine with 6 cylinders
  • 16.2 t and 2,477 m wheelbase
  • New bigger and more comfortable Cab with new level of visibility; New CommandPRO joystick with up to 11 reconfigurable buttons
  • Available Market: Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam

8RT Series. Unstoppable


2-track machines deliver the strongest straight-line pull, very efficient power transfer, and high flotation. Predestined for flat terrain and dry, loose soil.The bold design of the 8R/RT/RX Series tractors announces what they’re all about: pulling power that stops for nothing and technology that moves modern farming forward.