Sungwoo Lee

Sungwoo Lee
South Korea
John Deere 6175R

Mr. Sungwoo Lee has been a farmer for over 10 years. He lives in South Korea, an area called Chunpo myun of Iksan si area that is mainly a rice & cattle farming community. Mr. Lee farms both rice and soybean alongside his father and younger brother, covering over 24 ha of rice and soybean fields. He and his family have also run a contracting business supporting other South Korea farmers in both rice and hay forage, covering over 36 ha worth of land. John Deere equipment has been pivotal in their success.

Let’s hear what Mr. Lee has to say about John Deere :

“I have 4 John Deere tractors – all in the 6R series (6520 2 units, 6120R 1 unit & 6175R 1 unit), plus the F441R baler. I use them for multiple tasks – mostly in land preparation and also in hay harvesting. I like that I can be flexible in using these tractors across many jobs. The tractors of high quality and gives great powerful performance. I seldom find loss of down time, which allows me to demonstrate speed of work to my clients.

Particularly the baler performance is giving me better quality bales – I can bale over 4,000 pieces of rye grass in spring season and 5,000 pieces of rice straw bales in autumn season with a much faster speed than what I observe from others. Thus, I have proudly recommended both the 6R tractors and F441R balers to my neighbors.”

When asked of how he envisions the future, Mr. Lee contemplates “Today’s situation is very difficult and with high labor costs, one would need to maintain today’s business as stable as possible. However, I can envision looking at small scale farming machine – like planting and harvesting vegetables. Of course, John Deere can support with smaller size implements for dryland farming. I am confident in its good quality and I also feel comfortable in using a John Deere equipment.”