Sangok Yoo

Mr. Yoo, The third person from the left

Sangok Yoo
South Korea
John Deere 6150R

John Deere tractors have often been part of the cattle farming business, and Mr. Sangok Yoo’s farm is a prime example. Mr. Yoo works on his cattle farming business in the Booki myun district in Chungju si in South Korea. He leads a 5-person team to manage an almost self-sustaining farm where he grows over 32 ha of animal feed of corn, rye and rice straw, to feed and maintain his 2,000-head cattle farm. He has been a John Deere user for over 10 years already.

Please tell us about how you use John Deere tractors?

Mr. Yoo: I have 3 John Deere tractors – a 6140R, 6150R and 6120M.  All of them are used for land tillage using rotary tiller, and general care for the crops I have to feed my farm.    But specifically, I use both 6R tractors for grass cutting with mower conditioner, and baling purposes as well.   I like that the 6R tractors are comfortable to operate on, and its performance capabilities are high.   Particularly when I use it for baling, I can feel its strong power. I hardly ever got any trouble using John Deere tractors.

I also use 6M to support bale wrapping – the tasks are done quick, simple and short.

What else do you want to see in John Deere tractors? 

Mr. Yoo: I would look for new options/ components that can help me operate better. For instance, in forage harvesting, driving in reverse direction with cutting head is required, so, an option of rear side installed steering wheel is necessary for this kind of application. And we sometimes need to work at night. So I would also look for additional features like a camera to monitor implements of rear side. And though my rice field is small, I do think my fellows would also look for tractors that are suited for Korean’s wet paddy applications such as high ground clearance. I have recommended a 6R tractor to my friends and look forward to continuous improvements from John Deere.