GPS & StarFire Status

Solar Activity

Geomagnetic levels are expected to be moderate to active from 19-23 May, returning to quiet levels through early June. Solar activity is expected to be quiet.


John Deere Tools:

Satellite Predictor

Note: Satellite Predictor now includes anticipated coverage of GLONASS satellites.

StarFire Network status (update times in DD/MM/YYYY):

Dealers please see DTAC solution 84045 for additional information


For current conditions and to receive industry alerts:

Includes a daily map of high PDOP values worldwide. Shows all past history and 3 days into the future.

NOAA atmospheric indices:

K-indices chart - gives weather activity for last 7 days

A-indices chart - gives solar activity for last 7 days


NOAA weekly space weather forecasts:

View latest report. 27 day outlooks are provided in text format on Page 1 and in chart format on Page 4.


StarFire Network Availability:

Processing center: In operation

Satellite uplinks: Connected

No known local interruptions


GPS/Satellite availability:

No satellites currently marked unhealthy