Super Caddy 3

Super Caddy 3 is a premier service tool that gives dealers and customers the ability to clean a hydraulic system efficiently and with confidence. It supports oil cleanup activities both in the shop and on-site from a service truck. The versatility of the Super Caddy 3 makes it a necessity for any shop or large fleet operation. It can be used to clean systems, transfer fluids, and certify fluids to a certain cleanliness level. On-board sensors provide particle count and percentage of water saturation while the Super Caddy 3 quickly removes contaminants from oil.

The Super Caddy 3 is a complete redesign of the previous Super Caddy model. New features include: reduced size and weight, improved filtration efficiency and dirt holding capacity, lower cost replacement filters, updated particle counter that can be recalibrated if needed, a new water content sensor, single lifting point, and the ability to operate at 120V or 240V with the flip of a switch. The Super Caddy 3 will help ensure your equipment stays productive while reducing daily operating costs and improving uptime.

Change fluids by cleaning them with Super Caddy™

Change fluids by cleaning them with Super Caddy™

This premier filtration tool gives you complete confidence you're avoiding fluid contamination and component failures. Use Super Caddy to transfer fluids while filtering out harmful contaminants. Onboard sensors analyze the fluid and display temperature, percentage of water saturation, and amount of particulate matter. Your technician can then flush particles and water from fluids in any machine in your fleet in the shop or in the field.

Clean between changes

Oil contaminants at 100X magnification before and after Super Caddy filtering. Check out this informative and quick-loading video about Super Caddy.

Super Caddy 2

Better than ever
Super Caddy has been redesigned to reduce its size and weight, and heighten filtration efficiency. Other enhancements include lower-cost replacement filters, a new water-content sensor, and the ability to operate at either 240V or 120V.

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Move your machine-maintenance program into the 21st century. Super Caddy will keep your fleet in top running and earning condition while lowering your daily operating costs. Clean your oil for a change with Super Caddy.