John Deere University for Operators

We offer affordable online operator training through John Deere University (JDU) using:

  • Interactive lessons
  • On-screen simulations
  • Periodic knowledge checks
  • Post-assessment tests

Operators will learn machine knowledge including:

  • Daily service checks
  • Startup and operation
  • Safe operating techniques
  • How to maximize productivity

Get Started

If you are new to JDU, you will be requested to register.

  1. Go to John Deere University.
  2. Click the "Need to Register?" link and complete the simple form. If you are already registered for other John Deere websites or applications such as JDParts and/or MyCPS, sign in with the same User Name and password.
  3. After accessing JDU, search under keyword for "Operator Training", which will reveal all available courses.