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depth control

Depth Control

Put every seed at the proper depth. Every time.

retrofit kit

Retrofit Kit options for MaxEmerge™ 5, MaxEmerge™ 5e, and Exact Emerge™

Now available on 1770NT CCS MY11 or newer, 1790 MY11 or newer, and DB Series MY12 or newer machines.

monitoring and documentation

Monitoring and Documentation

Everything you need to take advantage of planter functions, monitor performance, and make every seed count.



Control input costs and improve productivity.


Spacing and Singulation

Flexible attachments for precise spacing and singulation of a wide variety of seed sizes and shapes.

seed lubricants

Seed Lubricants

Keep your seed flowing in all weather conditions.

row cleaners

Row Cleaners

Effectively clear rows when working in high-residue field conditions.

closing systems

Closing Systems

Closing up the seed furrow ensures proper seed-to-soil contact and packs the surround soil.