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pro series spindles

Pro Series Spindles

For average annual usage and picking conditions, the John Deere PRO Series Spindles offer a reliable value-priced option. For higher annual usage or harsh picking conditions, Pro-XL™ Spindles offer up to 50 percent longer life than the John Deere PRO Series Spindles.

  • PRO Spindle: N190332
  • PRO Spindle Assembly: AKK24309
  • Pro-XL Spindle: KK28390
  • Pro-XL Spindle Assembly: AKK18840
oem doffers

OEM Doffers

Compared to traditional rubber doffers, John Deere urethane doffers wear longer, pick cleaner, and reduce doffer column adjustments.


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RMB Roller Belt Brush Kit

When harvesting in humid or wet condition, the power rotary brush eliminates cotton buildup on round module builder belts increasing uptime and boosting machine performance. Kit BKK10319 available for 7760 and CP690 Cotton Pickers.


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 moistener pads

Moistener Pads

The X-pattern on John Deere Moistener Pads ensures proper moisture distribution while providing flexibility and long life.


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