Zeroing in on Energy

John Deere engine used by Genesal Energy

Nearly zero energy by 2020? The European Commission has set a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by constructing “zero-energy buildings,” meaning they must run extremely efficiently and use mostly renewable resources.

But how will contractors meet this demand? One group may have found a solution.

In Spain, four companies have successfully combined their individual expertise to develop a 100 percent renewable, off-grid, multi-energy system that will power the 4,000-square-meter premises of a local company — considerably reducing greenhouse gases.

Called the OG+ System, it is an inspiring example of how co-creation can drive sustainable development. Four companies gave their R&D departments complete design freedom to contribute their latest innovations. Genesal Energy — a power solutions company that specializes in engineering, manufacturing, and power generator maintenance — provided a hybrid biodiesel cogeneration system powered by two John Deere Tier 3/Stage IIIA engines.

"The system has been designed for B100 fuel, but until 100 percent biodiesel is readily available, we will use a regular blend of B20," explains Alberto Docampo Gesto, innovation manager at Genesal Energy.

The generator set uses three heat exchangers, which raise the engine's efficiency from around 30 percent to 85 percent. The thermal energy that's generated will be used for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

The OG+ micro-grid produces energy from a combination of wind, thermal, solar, and biodiesel. Wind and photovoltaic energy are captured and accumulated in an Energy Storage System, which is a large bank of batteries that distribute power to the building and electric car recharging stations.

Furthermore, locally-sourced eucalyptus wood offers excellent insulation, and rainwater is captured for reuse. Maximizing the natural sunlight reduces energy consumption for lighting while increasing visual comfort.

The combined technologies are managed by the OG+ advanced control system, which coordinates energy generation, storage, and consumption in real time.

As the world moves toward increased energy efficiency, Genesal Energy brings tangible solutions to the table with John Deere at heart.

Genesal energy provided a hybrid biodiesel cogeneration system powered by two John Deere Tier 3/Stage IIIA engines.