Engine sitting in the Power Systems factory
New Engines &
Drivetrain Products
Striker 44' powers through the water with twin John Deere engines

Smaller, Lighter, Faster

Introducing our new 4.5L 315 hp marine engine

We packed even more power into this compact, durable engine. Its ultra-compact 4-cylinder design is perfect for applications where space is at a premium.

13.5L Marine constant and variable-speed auxiliary engine

New Constant Speed Auxiliary Engines

John Deere generator drive and constant-speed auxiliary engines deliver quiet, smooth operation that never lets you down.

Boatworker standing outside the Reinuaer tug boat

New Variable Speed Auxiliary Engines

Our latest marine engines provide new power options to run vessel auxiliaries such as pumps, winches, deck cranes, and hydraulics.

A New Way to Drive Your Success

13.6L Engine & Inline Aftertreatment

This engine was built with a clean-sheet approach, but it's not afraid to get dirty. The new John Deere 13.6L engine features next generation engine technology, and it doesn't forget its roots working in rugged off-highway applications.

13.6L engine and inline aftertreatment system
Ready to run with Stage V emissions

Go Anywhere. One Solution.

Ready to meet Stage V emissions regulations. Providing OEMs and gen-set manufacturers more choices for meeting varying emissions regulations around the world.

Electronics chip

Electric Drivetrain Components

John Deere has the experience to help you electrify vehicles and provides rugged system components.

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