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The reliability of an engine, like a John Deere, is crucial. Without that reliability, it's difficult to execute and provide a good service for our customers, particularly in remote areas where mechanical support is limited.

Rob Spiller
Operations Manager, Magnum Cementing Services
Remote village of Chenga, Alaska

Off the Grid in Alaska

Marsh Creek supplies reliable, efficient electrical power to many remote communities.

Astro Thermal Tec gen-set

Turn Up the Heat

Astral Thermal Tec develops a more efficient way to heat water for hydraulic fracturing.

Engine Lineup

PowerTech PSS 6090

Industrial Engines

John Deere engines give you the power to attack heavy loads without stalling or lugging the engine. Higher peak torque and faster transient response give you the extra muscle you need to push through.

PowerTech PSS 6135

Generator Drive Engines

Can't afford for the power to be off? Rely on John Deere PowerTech™ generator drive engines for standby and prime power to make sure your critical applications stay on.

Drivetrain Components