Repowering Your Vessel

What to know before you repower your engine

Looking for a new or remanufactured propulsion or generator engine? Or are you planning to rebuild the one you have?

To make sure you find the solution right for you, review this simple criteria before heading to your John Deere Marine dealer.

New Propulsion Engine:

  • Vessel type
  • Hull type
  • Current engine horsepower and RPM
  • Current propulsion system and propeller (shaft size, pitch, and number blades)
  • Alternator size
  • Auxiliary power needs, if any
  • Cooling system (keel or heat exchanger)
  • Cruising speed and percentage of time spent at cruising speed
  • Typical operating mode
  • Towing or pushing and percentage of time doing either

New Generator Drive Engine:

  • Current engine(s) used and horsepower
  • KW output (typical load factor)
  • Cooling system (keel or heat exchanger)