W2 400W2 400 Combine

  • With higher productivity, W2 400 is suitable for farms with larger fields to harvest in short harvest windows
  • Stellar, steadfastly reliable harvesting performance is expected in various grains and crops such as wheat, canola, sorghum, millet, rape seed, soybean, and more.
  • The more comfortable and powerful hydrostatic ground drive enables drive with confidence in any terrains whether on wet grounds or hilly roads and makes your long harvesting days much easier
  • Available Market: Mongolia
  • Powered By Strong and Reliable Engine

    W2 400 combine is powered by 6.8L John Deere PowerTech E engine. The engine delivers sufficient power to harvest in varying field conditions while offering best in class fuel economy. A high-pressure common rail fuel injection system manages fuel injection cycles and positively contributes to the fuel economy while fixed geometry turbocharge provides excellent engine performance across the entire torque curve, allowing the combine to harvest confidently in the toughest field conditions.

    Powered By Strong and Reliable Engine
  • Comfortable Working Environment

    Large and spacious cab offers operators maximum comfort during long harvesting hours. The operators have good visibility of the surroundings from the cab, all controls are easily accessible from the operator’s seat. Corner post display displays vital machine and harvesting parameters in real time, allowing operators to quickly react to the changing conditions for optimal performance. The combine is equipped with air conditioner and heater to provide operators with maximum comfort.

    Comfortable Working Environment
  • Variety of Header Choices

    W2 400 can be equipped with flexible or rigid headers. Rigid header is built for extra wear-resistance and delivers uninterrupted crop flow into the combine, even in tough and wet conditions, whereas flexible header is a great choice for harvesting low hanging soybeans pods. The operators can also lock the cutterbar and harvest other small grains. Both rigid and flexible headers come in three different sizes, 4.6m, 5.3m and 6.5m. Additionally, belt pickup is also offered to gather windrowed grains.

    Variety of Header Choices
  • Smooth and Even Feeding

    1300 mm wide feederhouse ensures smooth and even feeding in different crop conditions. The floating drum on the feederhouse provides large areas of clearance for uninterrupted high volume crop flow. The closed front drum design ensures less wrapping and higher protection against stones and other foreign objects. Stone trap protects the threshing system by effectively catching stones and is easily accessible for cleaning.

    With Feederhouse Reverse feature, offered in base on all W2 400 combines, the operators can easily resolve any plugging issues from the cab thereby minimizing downtime.

    Smooth and Even Feeding
  • Threshing

    Large threshing cylinder with 8 rasp bars provide excellent threshing quality in different crops and conditions. 111° concave wrap angle provides a large threshing area to maximize threshing performance. Depending upon crops being harvested, the operators can select small wire concave recommended for harvesting small grains or a separate rice package for rice growers.

  • Separation

    The W2 400 combine has five straw walkers that are designed to handle all crops. Five straw walkers shake the straw mat and remove any loose grains as the straw mat moves towards the rear of the combine. Optionally, fishback straw walker and power separator are also offered to further enhance the separation quality, especially recommended for fields with high yields.

    The combine is also equipped blockage detection system which triggers an alarm and stops the threshing cylinder upon blockage detection in the walker.

  • Cleaning

    Large cleaning area of 4.3 m2 allows the W2 400 combine to harvest faster and in fields with high yields with minimum losses. Operators can adjust the cleaning shoe fan speed from the cab, on the go as per the changing field conditions. The cleaning fan housing with adjustable wind board provides even air stream distribution to the full width of the cleaning shoe.

  • Harvest More Hectares Per Day

    Large grain tank with 6000L capacity allows the operators to harvest more hectares per day without the need to frequently stop and unload the grains. Grain tank level sensors mounted inside the tank, monitors the current tank level and alerts the operator and the grain cart driver when the tank reaches full capacity. There is also a small window inside the cab from which the operators can monitor the grain tank level as it fills. With high capacity unloading auger, the operators can quickly unload the grain tank and continue harvest.

    Harvest More Hectares Per Day
  • Residue Management

    The W2 400 combine has four rows of 52 knives and 49 counter knives with a choice of high speed at 3100 rpm and optional low speed at 1800 rpm. This provides better chopping quality and more versatility while harvesting different crops.

    Residue Management
  • Chop To Drop Feature

    The operators can easily adjust the deflectors position using a single lever and guide the straw either to the chopper or down to the ground for bailing.

    Straw residue deflectors with manually adjustable fins evenly distribute residue in the field up to 6.7 m. The deflectors can be folded during transportation and storage after the season.

    Chop To Drop Feature
  • Excellent Visibility During Night

    Six roof mounted halogen lights provide operators good visibility during night operations. Additionally, the combine is equipped with a light inside the grain tank that allows the operators to see clearly as the grain tank fills during night. There is a dedicated side light near the unloading auger that lights the entire unloading area during unloading at night. Two lights on the rear of the machine ensure good view of the residue management system and also ensures safe reverse.

    Excellent Visibility During Night
  • Simple And Easy Access

    Operators and technicians can easily access the engine compartment and other combine sections such as fuel tank, grain tank, air filters etc. and perform regular maintenance or repair work. Regular maintenance keeps combine in good health and the combine runs smoothly throughout the harvesting season.

    Simple And Easy Access