April 5, 2023

Building Sustainable Oil Palm Plantations in Indonesia: PT Wahana Inti Selaras


Indonesia is a huge island country made up of tens of thousands of small and large islands. It has the world’s 4th largest population, 14th largest territory, and diverse natural resources. It is also the country of Bali, the beautiful island of everyone’s dream holiday destination. 

Although the economy has advanced to some extent in the past couple of decades, the agricultural sector still remains one of the key drivers of Indonesia's economy. As of around 2020, Indonesia is the world's largest producer of palm oil, competing with the second-ranked Malaysia, the world's largest coconut producer, the world's second-largest rubber producer after Thailand, and the third-fourth largest producer of coffee after Brazil and Vietnam, competing with Colombia. It also produces quite a lot of rice, and was the third largest rice producer in the world after China and India as of 2018.

Essential Ingredient of the Indonesian Economy, Palm Oil 

Particularly the palm oil production system is fivotal to the economy of Indonesia. Palm oil is used as a cooking oil or an essential ingredient of processed foods such as chocolates, chewing gums, and biscuits. It’s used for hygiene products like soaps, detergents, toothpaste, and shampoo etc. It’s also used in alternative energy sector like biodisel and biofuel industries. 

Indonesian palm oil is increasingly used within Indonesia, and it is estimated that the population of Indonesia will grow to 285 million by 2025, which will lead to an even higher domestic demand. So, boosting farmers’ competitiveness by exposing them to good agriculrual machinery and practices is key to delivering increased agricultural prodictivity and building the sustainable palm oil production system in Indonesia.  

PT Wahana Inti Selaras, Authorized John Deere Dealer for Indonesia 

PT Wahana Inti Selaras is one of the leaders maximizing the development and economic benefits of this pivotal national industry. As a subsidiary of Indomobil Group, a multi-brand automotive distributor and manufacturer in Indonesia, PT Wahana operates as a distributor and dealer for world-class equipment brands, such as Volvo Trucks, Volvo CE, Renault Trucks, Kalmar Port Equipment, Manitou Material Handler, and Hiab. 

In 2016, PT Wahana was appointed as the sole distributor of John Deere Agriculture Equipment and was trusted by John Deere Power System in 2019. It became a distributor of ENERGIA, a newly introduced Generator Set brand powered by John Deere Engine in 2020. PT Wahana aims to provide a total solution comprised of best products and aftersales service to achieve high customer satisfaction and long-term partnership with all customers. 

Synergy Between The Two Leaders in Oil Palm Plantations 

John Deere 5045D Tractor

To support the sustainable mechanization in oil palm plantations, PT Wahana works with John Deere to provide complete agricultural machinery and word-  class aftersales support to maximize machineries’ uptime. 

The most popular John Deere machines among Indonesian oil palm plantations are light weight John Deere tractors of 3036E and 5040D. These two  superior tractors are mostly chosen because they can work more efficiently on hilly terrains and save costs. 

The John Deere 3036E tractor (36HP) can be fitted with LGP tires as an option at the factory prior to shipment. These LGP tires make the wheels of this  tractor safer to travel between the palm tree fibers’ roots and cause less damage to the road. The 5040D (40HP) tractor has a power reserve of 16%, which can further support the transportation process using a grabber.

With the extensive network, certified skilled technicians, complete special tools and nation-wide online system, PT Wahana offers an integrated product support to obtain optimum availability and productivity that will eventually maximize customers’ profitability. They currently have more than 35,000 lines of genuine parts and oil stored in parts warehouses located all around Indonesia and various types of aftersales agreements are also available to suit  customers’ unique needs. 

Winner of the ‘2022 John Deere Aftermarket Excellent Dealer’ Award

Figure 22022 John Deere Aftermarket Excellent Dealer Award Trophy

Thanks to all these superb services for customers, PT Wahana was recognized as the winner of the ‘2022 John Deere Aftermarket Excellent Dealer’ award for the Asia Pacific region in December 2022. In fact, this was not the first time John Deere acknowledged PT Wahana for its outstanding contribution: John Deere awarded PT Wahana with the ‘The Star Dealer’ and ‘The Best Aftermarket Sales Achievement’ awards in 2017. 

All these awards PT Wahana received are an encouragement them to continue and strengthen its collaboration with John Deere to provide the best service to all its customers. To reach and provide better service to customers across Indonesia, PT Wahana will continue to expand its service network and new office set-up is planned for Ketapang, Pangkalan Bun, Palu, and Kendari by middle of 2023.


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