October 26, 2023

John Deere at the 2023 International Agricultural Exhibition (IAE), South Korea


John Deere was invited to the 2023 International Agricultural Exhibition (IAE), a general agricultural and livestock festival held for 11 days from October 12 (Thursday) to October 22 (Sunday) in Jeollanam-do, South Korea, as a leading agricultural company from the United States.

The IAE is organized and hosted by Jeollanam-do Provincial Government to promote the public value of agriculture amidst the global climate crisis and foster agriculture as a future industry beyond growing crops. It was first iterated in 2002 and celebrated its 18th year and its 6th anniversary as an international fair in 2023.

This year the event was held under the theme ‘Agriculture Changes the World: Agriculture that Protects the Earth and Human Health’ with 500 participating institutions, organizations, and companies from 40 countries. The exhibition emphasized ‘healing’ through agriculture and consisted of 3 Zones, Healing Agriculture Theme Zone, Healing Agriculture Experience Zone, and Promotion and Sales Zone.

John Deere booth was set up in the USA Pavilion within the Global Promotion Hall where advanced technologies and agriculture converge, focusing on innovative overseas smart agricultural technologies, the added value of agriculture, and the future development of agriculture.


In the booth were displayed 2 John Deere 6R tractors, 6175R and 6215R. Built to overcome the diverse challenges presented by terrain, prevailing conditions and operational windows, John Deere 6R tractors are preferred by contractors for its outstanding efficiency, top on-road performance, and the rock-solid, comfortable ride in all heavy-duty applications.

Excited to encounter such huge machines inside the exhibition hall, visitors of various age groups hopped onto the operator’s seat and took photos and selfies. Farmers and agriculture industry experts showed an interest and asked about the features and the price of the tractors.

On the display TV screen were played John Deere’s Future of Farming video series throughout the whole event and visitors would stop and watch how John Deere’s advanced future agricultural technologies such as precision ag and See and Spray are adding value to the success of farmers and shaping the future of agriculture.

Earlier this year John Deere made history taking the mainstage and delivering the company’s first keynote address at CES 2023, the world’s largest and most influential technology events, serving as the global stage for tech innovations. At the keynote, Chairman and CEO John May along with other John Deere executives presented on how technology helps feed the growing world and how John Deere is delivering real tech with purpose and impact.

Technology is core to Deere’s DNA and we will continue to make robust agricultural machines which exemplify a harmonious blend of efficiency and environmental consciousness.

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