December 08, 2022​

Get More From Your Milk: How Dairy Farmers Can Maximize Profits With John Deere Solutions


Dairy farmers walk a tightrope when it comes to making profits. With rising cattle-feed costs, tighter regulations and price caps on milk, they are feeling the financial squeeze—now more than ever. Rising inflation and supply chain volatility makes it harder for dairy companies to run a long-term economical business.

Profitability is not based on the number of cows or how big the farm is. Making the right investments in data-driven farming technology and services can make dairy production more profitable. Agriculture equipment manufacturing leader, John Deere delivers all-round dairy farm solutions that have revolutionized the industry for more than 185 years. Boasting a world-class product portfolio, John Deere helps dairy farmers to maximize their profit margins by focusing on 3 key areas:


Greater Rumen Efficiency through Exceptional Feed Quality
High-quality silage has a huge impact on the overall costs and success of dairy business. With John Deere, dairy farmers can enjoy advanced hay and forage management solutions to produce healthy feeds that dairy animals love. John Deere’s Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters help dairy farmers deliver High-Quality Feed through harvesting technology that retains high levels of nutrients in forage during harvest as well as increases starch digestibility of the ruminant which maximizes rumen efficiency. Also, John Deere’s Balers deliver a higher portion of leaves in the bale to retain high protein levels, which eventually ensure high-quality hay.

Improving rumen efficiency through exceptional feedstuff increases milk yield so that dairy farmers can obtain more milk per cow. Also increasing protein and fat content in milk through quality feed helps dairies get higher price per liter of milk. Thus dairies can deliver more milk through fewer cows and get more price in the market for milk–reducing costs and increasing profits.

High Crop Yields through World-class Machinery Reduces Feed cost
Data shows that crop yield in many developing countries is half or even less than that of developed countries. Focusing on feed crop yields is critical as feed represents almost 50% of total dairy input costs. Higher crop yield will reduce the input feed cost. John Deere has machinery that addresses farm efficiency at every stage of crop production. John Deere planters, sprayers, harvesters, windrowers, balers and tractors enable dairy farmers to multiply the feed crop yield per hectare. Higher feed crop yield also means less dependence on expensive imported feed.

While John Deere’s Forage harvesters help reduce harvesting losses and deliver exceptional quality feed at the same time, John Deere Sprayers help to significantly reduce the amount of fertilizers and pesticides that need to be applied to the crop. This helps dairies to significantly reduce feed costs and increase profits.

Highly Intelligent, Precision Farm Equipment for Precise Dairy operations
The age-old activities of tending land, harvesting crops and preparing fields has taken on an entirely new cast with the technological advancement accelerated by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Now machines can collect data alongside farmers on the field. Armed with the right suite of farm tech and automation, John Deere delivers longer operational stability with the lower maintenance intervals, significantly minimizing input costs and giving you more milk churns at lower prices.

John Deere’s smart HarvestLab™ 3000 measures moisture and nutrient values on the go, allowing farmers to make reliable in-field adjustments — on the fly. With technologies like Active Fill Control, farmers can reduce operational fatigue with various automatic crop fill strategies to suit their work style and crop removal vehicle without any spillage. AutoTrac and JD Link™ Connectivity also help farmers reap the benefits of wireless dairy services.


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