JUNE 09, 2023

What Makes John Deere A World Leader in Dairy Farming Equipment Industry?


Dairy is a ubiquitous part of our lives, as an end-product (milk, yogurt) or a critical input for iconic consumables (pizza, cheesecakes). Given its intrinsic presence in the food industry, the adoption curve for dairy products is swelling rapidly. Moreover, increased urbanization and population growth are pushing dairy farmers to scale up their businesses for mass production. Rising income is also allowing individuals to explore quality products especially in the dairy segment.

In order to balance the demand and adapt to the shifting consumer tastes, dairy companies are looking for the best equipment and machinery to speed up their dairy production process. However, the global dairy equipment market is tight with a competitive vendor landscape. But John Deere - an American farming equipment corporation is a flag bearer in the market with several dairy solutions and a world-class product portfolio to help farmers churn out better dairy consumables in a more profitable and sustainable way.

Dairy Farmers + John Deere = A Winning Formula for Success

As a 186-year-old world leader in agriculture, dairy, construction, forestry machinery and technology services, John Deere has long championed a different kind of philosophy: one that values exceptional quality, the environment, the community, and customers as much as it does profits. We understand that dairy producers have a wide array of needs and offer 360-degree operational solutions with high-rated machines and IT services for keeping animals healthy and productive. Our visionary approach has eased the complex procedures of the dairy industry—establishing John Deere as a much-loved brand.

With John Deere, dairy farmers can experience: 

1. Increased Quality and Production with Patented Dairy Equipment

John Deere offers an extensive range of grass and crop management solutions that enable dairy and livestock farmers to deliver the higher standards of dairy products. Our advanced hay and forage solutions use the latest technology to produce good quality silage that cattle love.

For instance, all of our forage harvesters feature a patent multi-knife DuraDrum cutterhead with infinitely variable length-of-cut, allowing farmers to optimize their milk production and livestock growth rates. It’s one of our many innovations that support optimum decision-making and farm management.

2. Extensive Dairy Support with Smart, Connected Solutions to Boost Bottom Lines

Alongside the company’s tractor and combine harvesters, our smart HarvestLab™ 3000 measures moisture and nutrient values on the go, allowing farmers to make reliable in-field adjustments - on the fly. It comes with an accurate yield and ingredient documentation, forage sensors for automated site specific applications and much more

With technologies like Active Fill Control, farmers can reduce operational fatigue with various automatic crop fill strategies to suit their work style and crop removal vehicle without any spillage. AutoTrac from John Deere ensures that users are not overlapping out in the field while the JDLink™ Connectivity allows farmers to enjoy the benefits of a connected machine with 4G wireless services for remote support.

3. Low Maintenance, Reduced Operational Costs and Unrivaled Efficiency

John Deere’s dealer network offers connected support, readily available parts and service that keeps the farms running from anywhere in the world. Being the first one to develop duraline - a special coating of wear parts, dairy producers enjoy longer operational stability, low maintenance intervals and significantly reduced costs. For instance, the hydraulic oil requires changing only after every 2000 hours and all the gearboxes have maintenance intervals of 1000 hours as compared to other market wears requiring maintenance at every 500 hours.

John Deere’s full-lifecycle services not only extend to large and small dairy companies but cater to the needs of freelance dairy equipment suppliers as well. Our forage harvester offers fine forage for healthy cattle rearing which is what the customers of the contractors seek. As of now, John Deere provides lower operational costs per hour in the industry with wear parts, crop flow liners, spout flab and other engines that last a minimum of 3000 hours.

Whether you need to cut or bale hay, chop silage, handle feed or manure, John Deere has a solution for literally every need on a dairy farm.

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