December 06, 2023

Success Story of Mr. Bayarsaikhan in Mongolia: From 100 Hectares of Land to 1,600 Hectares in 6 Years

MSM Group, John Deere’s authorized dealer for Mongolia, held the John Deere Combine W430 Demo Day for customers in June 2023. There we were able to hear Mr. Bayarsaikhan’s experiences with this machine and how MSM supports his business to grow.

Agriculture in Mongolia

Mongolia is in the inland area of ​​northern East Asia, and its territory is quite large as it ranks 18th in the world in terms of the land size. Still, because it is located far from the sea at a high altitude, the weather is cold and dry with long winter, making the country’s geographical conditions unfavorable for agriculture. Irrigation farming opportunities are scarce, and there is little or no chance of producing wells on hills.

Mongolia’s main industry is livestock farming and as it requires vast grazing lands, it runs on 100% mechanized large size farming. Main crops are wheat and canola, and the total arable land is 700,000 hectares as of 2021.

How Mr. Bayarsaikhan Started with a Small Land of 100 Hectares in 2017

Mr. Bayarsaikhan is the Director of Zoos Nomgon LLC, which operates an agricultural activity in Nomgon Bagh, Saikhan Soum, Selenge Province in Mongolia. His family have already been growing traditional crops and seeds for 18 years and in 2017, Mr. Bayarsaikhan started his own agriculture career with the 100 hectares of land his father gave him.

At the beginning he used an old Russian Combine Harvester for the small land and last year he bought an agricultural company including its land. That is how he acquired the John Deere 1076 Combine Harvester. What he particularly liked about John Deere harvester compared to the old Russian one was its capacity to go downhill and the lever without rigid axles.


MSM Group’s Support and John Deere Combine W430

This year Mr. Bayarsaikhan had a chance to cooperate with the MSM Group. Since its establishment in 1998, the MSM Group has been operating in three core business areas, including Automotive, Industrial and Beverage, with a team of over 600 highly professional Mongolian and foreign employees. In 2014, they extended their industrial equipment line to cover John Deere agricultural machines.

The MSM Group imported and introduced the John Deere W430 Combine in 2023. Their technical engineers provided all the relevant trainings for Mr. Bayarsaikhan and helped him when he first operated the John Deere W430 Combine.

Now The Owner of 1,600 Hectares of Land Contributing to Supplying Food for Mongolian People

“I like the quality of the equipment and MSM’s service capability and support. Running an agricultural business in Mongolia is challenging because the climate condition is harsh allowing us only a short window for planting and harvesting. John Deere’s combine W430 delivers higher productivity and comfortability, better fuel consumption rate, and lower grain loss rate, making our long harvesting days shorter and easier,” said Mr. Bayarsaikhan at the W430 Demo Day.

The small 100 hectares of land given to Mr. Bayarsaikhan in 2017 has now expanded to 1,600 hectares of land after 6 years. Mr. Bayarsaikhan calls this a success and experiences no shortage of technical equipment and agricultural capacity to tend his huge land with such cooperative partners like MSM Group and John Deere. He takes pride in contributing to quality food production for his fellow Mongolians.

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