[AR & VR | Part 2] John Deere Asia’s First AR Model with 5M Tractor Is Now Live


Given the nature of the agricultural machinery such as tractors and combines which are typically quite large and expensive, to engage with potential customers in a meaningful way and train numerous operators in an efficient way can be challenging. This is precisely where Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) come into play as these technologies offer unique solutions to address and overcome these key challenges in agriculture. 

How John Deere Asia Is Leveraging AR and VR

John Deere Asia took on the challenge and has been exploring the use of AR and VR applications to deliver the highest value to customers. Over the past consecutive several years, John Deere Asia has created 3D models of agricultural machinery so that customers can virtually inspect and interact with the equipment and understand its features and benefits in a more intuitive way.

Below is a quick summary of how John Deere Asia’s 3D visualization technology journey has evolved over the past years:

• November 2021: John Deere Asia inaugurated the first version of the virtual showroom, first of its kind within Deere group
• October 2022: Released its first VR model of SPFH 8100i for ag shows and customer events
• January 2023: Launched the virtual showroom 2.0, where customers can discover product descriptions faster, move around the virtual space with a click of a button, get 360° view of the vehicle’s interior and exterior design, and even try the operator’s view.
• June 2023: Developed and released the VR model of 5M Tractor to be used in ag shows and dealer's customer centers across Japan

John Deere Asia’s First AR Model with 5M Tractor Is Now Live

And now in February 2024, we are finally introducing John Deere Asia’s first AR model with 5M tractor in both English and Japanese for all our audience across Asia.



John Deere 5M tractors provide extraordinary versatility to meet all the operation needs, ensuring low cost of ownership and low failure rate. This attractive tractor was introduced in Japan in 2022 and has been receiving a very good response from customers for its power and versatility. Since the machine is huge and not everyone can experience the real machine, John Deere Asia wanted to provide a digital tool to help bring the product’s wonderful features into life without having to visit local dealers.

Now available on John Deere Asia’s website, anyone can bring this tractor into real life wherever they are and experience the product on their mobile phones for free through this great AR model.

John Deere Asia’s Continued Vision for Advanced Visualization Technologies  

John Deere Asia's pioneering efforts in 3D visualization technology exemplify our commitment to revolutionizing the agricultural sector, offering customers an immersive and informative experience like no other. We believe our dealers and customers will feel empowered by these immersive and interactive experiences and we hope these tools will help them attain a deeper understanding of our products and solutions, thereby enabling customers to make an informed decision. 

John Deere Asia cordially invites anyone and everyone to visit our website and experience a new dimension in agriculture where products come to life in a truly engaging way.

* Anyone interested, click the following links to bring 5M tractor to real life for free on your mobile phones! (Note: Internet Explorer is NOT recommended.)

• For English: https://www.deere.asia/en/5m-ar-experience/

• For Japanese: https://www.deere.asia/ja/5m-ar-experience/