February 28, 2023

John Deere Tianjin Works Celebrates Its 70,000th Tractor Rollout Ceremony



On February 21, 2023, John Deere Tianjin Works(JDTAW) in China held its 70,000th tractor rollout ceremony and customers, dealers, Deere leadership and employees gathered and celebrated this meaningful milestone.

Tianjin Works originally started as a transmission production line in 2007 and grew into the current multiple tractor production line since 2012. At the beginning it produced 75 HP tractors but now it houses even the 8R flagship model with the maximum of 300 HP tractors. The 70,000 high-end tractors with Deere advanced technology are working across China, contributing to China's agricultural modernization and Chinese farmers’ success.

The 70,000th tractor produced by John Deere Tianjin Works, is the NR4 6M-2104 model newly launched in FY23, which not only has a more powerful engine, but also the key upgrades that will achieve better work efficiency. Especially, the intelligent solution such as iTEC enable customers to do one-button field turning, which will bring a whole new experience to customers.

Zhou Wei, Director of JDAP Sales and Marketing, said in his opening speech, “The equipment produced in John Deere Tianjin Works are world-class and 70,000 high-quality tractors are supporting customers across China and Asian markets. This is thanks to the combined efforts from our Deere team, dealers, and customers. We will continue to deliver advanced products and solutions to Asia Pacific region and provide users with full support throughout the product lifecycle.”

John Deere Tianjin Works is the production facility not just for China domestic market but it exports to other global regions including Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East as well. In fact, around 50% of its total sales volume comes from export business and it increases by the year. To Asia, 6B series tractor is the key product shipped from Tianjin Works and farmers from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, and Thailand are achieving more with less thanks to this powerful tractor.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

[Images from the left] NR4 6M-2104(the 70,000th Tractor), Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Zhou Wei(Director of JDAP Sales and Marketing) Making a Speech

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