January 10, 2023

John Deere Asia’s Virtual Showroom 2.0 Now Available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Thai

On the eve of the new year 2023, John Deere Asia launched a new virtual product showroom on its own brand websites to provide immersive and seamless experiences for the customers across Asia.

What is a Virtual Showroom?
The meaning of the word ‘virtual’ is very close to being something without actually being it and so a virtual showroom alludes to something ‘very close to a physical showroom’ with similar look and feel as well as functions of a showroom. Simply put, it is a computer-generated 360° virtual environment with 3D visuals of products, allowing customers to view and experience the products in a more immersive way. With trade shows canceled and in-person meetings moved online, the COVID-19 accelerated brands’ adoption of a new way of working, including how they wholesale their products.

Amazon, IKEA, Alibaba, Amazon, Shopify, L’Oréal are examples of those exploring virtual reality to provide more engaging customer experience and in the automotive industry, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Porsche, Toyota, and Tesla are among the fast movers.

John Deere Asia’s Virtual Showroom 2.0
For John Deere Asia, this is not new, as John Deere Asia inaugurated the first version of the virtual showroom, first of its kind within Deere group, in late November 2021 already. The new showroom features more products, a total of 20 products that are sold across Asia in the 3 display areas of Tractor Pavilion, Harvester Pavilion, and Lawn Area. Most importantly, this time the showroom is available in 4 different languages of English, Japanese, Korean, and Thai.

Customers can discover product descriptions and characteristics faster, move around the virtual space with a click of a button, get 360° of the vehicle’s interior and exterior design, and even try the operator’s view. John Deere Asia’s showroom can be experienced from laptop and desktop or from handheld mobile devices. It also has an in-built VR(Virtual Reality) mode for Google Cardboard VR or Oculus Quest.

John Deere Asia has a couple of VR models already developed for some of the key products for ag shows and customer seminars and is planning to apply the advanced visualization technologies in more depth to provide better customer experience.

Anyone interested can click each panel below to view and explore John Deere Asia’s new virtual showroom for free!